Hello! My name is Jacob and I'm a multimedia artist and designer on the internet! SAIC MFA in Visual Communication Design. Contact Me
Artist Statement
Graphic Design Web Design Printed Matter Photography Performance

Video, 2:29

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Sass Trip Shift, 2014

OOHH MMYY GGAAWWDD. Sass Trip Shift is a 17-page photo zine complete with special gifts (a button+sticker). Laser and Inkjet, bound with pink, blue, red, and green thread.


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Tourism Piece, 2014, Performance resulting in photographs

I asked 24 people to take my photo in front of and inside Cloud Gate in order to capture the presence of both myself and my unknown collaborators. Alternatively, I attempted to insert myself into the travel photographs of others. To date, this is the only publicly available, independently produced photograph of my presence.

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Blank #1 is my first zine for sale! It comes in a black on black cover (my favorite) and black on blue. Essentially, it’s 16 pages of crunchy, hypnotic imagery made from the imagery of vintage computer graphics. Plus, it’s hand-stitched with silver thread, comes in a handmade envelope, and includes some GUI icon cut-outs. All this beauty is only $3.50! Limited to 24.

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Digital Image from web design
3D Installation model, Alternative view

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html, gif, css

Randomized gif, shape, and text layers merge to cycle through 1330 possible configurations.

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A re-make of a found vintage pattern. I would love to find the original designer.

A re-make of a found vintage pattern. I would love to find the original designer.

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HIDDEN INTERNETDigital Image2014

Digital Image

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DESTROY VOIDDigital Image2014

Digital Image

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A collection of patterns based on the disruption of forms through competing imagery, resulting in a disorienting, garish image.

This is an ongoing project.

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Web Design

A narrative web project putting the user in the role of an earth-bound skywatcher who is romantically involved with the moon. Through the notes they send back and forth, it becomes apparent that the two are stuck, physically and mentally, and will never fulfill their love for each other.

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